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GPS "Ball" Mount - Why Size Matters


A motorcycle GPS “ball mount” seems like it should be straightforward, doesn’t it? And it is – for the most part. The complication comes in the fact that different GPS manufacturers make their ball parts in different sizes. Why? We can only speculate: perhaps it’s related to patent issues with competitors, or they simply want to make the products ‘theirs’ or streamline it within their product line.

At any rate, it can be frustrating if you order, say, an  eCaddy Ball Mount from us and find that the ball size is not right for you. So here’s a quick overview of the various ball sizes:

  • 17mm: common to Garmin GPS and most Magellan GPS
  • 15.6mm: this is TomTom GPS size
  • 1-inch: this ball can be used with RAM Mount components to give your mount a nicer look

For the visual folks out there, the video below shows you these differences.

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  • Tracey Cramer