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How to Waterproof Your Phone


Our phones have become an extension of us. We don’t go anywhere without them, we use them for everything - from surfing the internet to taking photos to keeping track of our schedule to updating our Facebook profile. We often have our entire contact lists in them. I sometimes joke that my entire life is in my phone!

So it goes without saying that getting your phone wet is a bad thing. Besides the inconvenience, these mini-computers are no longer cheap to replace!

So how do you protect your phone while using on the motorcycle? Here are some ideas for waterproofing your phone.

Aftermarket Cases

Nowadays there are many waterproof phone cases to choose from; Otterbox and Lifeproof are two better-known waterproof phone case brands.

If you have something like that on your phone, it adds bulk and weight. So when you consider mounting the phone on your motorcycle, it helps to know the total dimensions (width, height AND depth) of your phone in its case. Then you can choose a mount that accommodates that.

Here are a few examples:

  • The eCaddy SLIDE can adjust at all dimensions (width, height AND depth)
  • The X-Grip Adaptor is good for those who want to be able to reach plug-ins easily
  • The Swivel-Clip was made specifically for the Otterbox Defender case

If you don’t want to spend the money on an Otterbox or similar (because they do generally cost more), here are several suggestions for keeping your phone dry. (BTW these apply nicely to iPod Classic or Touch as well.)

Low-tech approach

Zip-lock baggie! Keep a few of these in your saddlebag (or pocket) and simply slip it on over your phone, iPod or satellite radio. Make sure you get a high-quality brand so the ‘zip’ really ‘locks’!

Mid-tech approach

The eCaddy Ultra waterproof case is made of a vinyl material with a harder ‘backing’ sewn in for support. It has a slim, unobtrusive profile and the clear cover allows you to operate your touch screen. The back side features a swivel mechanism to you can tilt/angle the phone, with both vertical and horizontal options.

The Ultra was made for ‘standard’ size phones, so it’s best for phones with an maximum width of 3-⅞ inches and no taller than about 6 inches. You can run wires out of it either at the top edge (it has a velcro closure) or by snipping a tiny hole in the exact place you need it.

High-tech approach

If you’ve got a large phone (iPhone 6/6+ or Samsung Note for example) - or you have a thick case or cover on your phone that you don’t want to have to remove - the eCaddy Hydra may be of interest to you.

The Hydra is basically a soft-sided case with a zipper running on three edges. It has a special waterproof ‘plug’ to run wires out if needed and is available in several sizes. Because it has a thicker vinyl front, I don’t recommend trying to use the touch screen. The Hydra is a bit bulkier than other options, but it’s 100 percent waterproof!

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  • Tracey Cramer