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New Garmin Nuvi Mounts

Garmin’s new GPS models (Nuvi 50 through Nuvi 58 series) are popular biker GPS units. And now the equally popular  eCaddy Diamond Mount is available for these new Garmins!

The eCaddy Diamond is the cleanest-looking, most versatile way to mount a Nuvi on a motorcycle:
  • Form-Fitted Cradle: Specifically designed for the Garmin Nuvi GPS units, the cradle ensures the GPS will never fall out. It even has cut-outs for buttons and plug-ins.
  • Ultra-Swivel: Provides unlimited positioning ability but is so slim and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly know it’s there.
  • Diamond-Shaped Mounting Plate: The perfect fit to the back of the Garmin cradle, giving it a clean, classic look that is unmatched.
  • Ultra-Security and Anti-Vibration: Built into every Leader Legacy mount, this ensures you get the best view of your Garmin.
  • Classic Look & Manufacture: Stainless steel, aluminum and chrome-plated parts are rust-proof and machined in the USA.
  • Mount Everywhere: Pick from our extensive mounting options: handlebar, brake/clutch, mirror stem, windshield, steering column and more

Note: The eCaddy Diamond is available for most Garmin Nuvi models, as well as some TomTom models.  See them all here.

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  • Tracey Cramer