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BLACK Mounts Now Shipping!


It seems like it's been a long wait - but the wait is worth it! Black is back!

Yes, we're happy to say that our new "Slim Design" Round-Bar Mounts are Now Shipping!

This includes mounts for  phoneGPScamera and more.

The new "Slim Design" (just 1/4-inch wide) means you can mount in more places, on more types of motorcycles (cruiser, dual/adventure, sport touring, even sport bikes). And we made it easier by putting the screw adjustment on the front - no more trying to get in back to tighten the mount!

All our parts are MADE IN THE USA of machined aluminum and stainless steel. We use an anodizing process to achieve the rich, classic look our parts are known for. If you're a fan of the blacked-out look (or just don't want to clean the chrome) will love these mounts!

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  • Tracey Cramer