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Most Popular GPS Mounts: a Comparison


Our two most popular motorcycle GPS mounts are the eCaddy Ball and eCaddy Diamond. (The waterproof GPS mounts come a close second.) What’s the difference? Read on!

The eCaddy Diamond GPS mount is about as secure as it’s possible to get. That’s because it utilizes a form-fitted cradle, shaped and sized specifically for the particular GPS model (over 50 fitments!). The cradle is four-sided with cut-outs for plug-ins and buttons. The Diamond plate on the back features our Ultra-Swivel capability so you can angle and adjust anywhere you want.

The eCaddy Ball GPS Mount works like the windshield mounts in your car. Your GPS must have the ball receiver hole in the back. This receiver is a plastic cradle provided by the manufacturer of the GPS (or sometimes an aftermarket item). This cradle usually clips on in only two locations, top and bottom (as opposed to the eCaddy Diamond which surrounds the GPS). Because this cradle is provided by the GPS manufacturer, we have no control over the quality; most are made of a plastic material.

We have a lot of happy customers using the eCaddy Ball GPS mount. But I do recommend taking a look at the eCaddy Diamond, especially if you’re mounting on a motorcycle that vibrates a lot (such as a Harley!) or ride roads that are a bit worse for wear (like around our home!). It costs a bit more – and it’s not available for every GPS on the market (primarily the Garmin Nuvi series and TomTom GPS) – but it is a little more secure than the eCaddy Ball thanks to its four-sided design.

To see these differences in action, check out the video below.

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  • Tracey Cramer