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GPS: Seven Reasons to Use it on your Motorcycle


There are those who insist that the best way to ride a motorcycle is to hop on and take off, and the end destination doesn't matter... wherever that may be.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do that. Most of us have jobs, families and other responsibilities that make getting lost a bad thing.

It's my personal opinion that having a GPS gives me more freedom and less stress. Here are seven (really good) reasons you may want to use GPS on your bike:

  • You ride in areas you’re unfamiliar with
  • You ride in heavy traffic (I’m thinking of a memorable trip to LA… yikes!)
  • You ride long distances
  • You like to pre-plan your trips and routes including fuel, food and lodging stops
  • You lead group rides and losing your way with a dozen bikes behind you sucks
  • You get lost easily (yep…that’s me)
  • You hate reading maps but need to know how to get from point "A" to point "B"
Which GPS is right for you? The most popular units we sell mounts for are the  Garmin Nuvi series. We personally own Garmin Nuvi and a  TomTom. Check with your local Radio Shack, Best Buy or other electronics store for personalized help choosing a GPS. To see our GPS Mounts, click here.

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  • Tracey Cramer